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Friday 01 November

Smiling (not scary!) printable skull masks to celebrate the Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead masks | Cool Mom Picks ...

Wednesday 09 October

DIY handmade cards, just a stamp and ink pad away

Handmade rubber stamps | Cool Mom PicksI really love the idea of making my own greeting cards, but the time and skill involved have always seemed way beyond what I am capable of, especially for card designs that suit my taste and style. Not anymore, thanks to these cool, so-not-your-grandmother's handmade stamps. ...

Tuesday 08 October

A monstrously fun activity book, just in time for Halloween

My Monster Bubblewriter Book | Cool Mom PicksMy kids have always preferred "open-ended" coloring-and-activity books like Fotoplay! or Let's Make Some Great Art over ones that ask them to just stay within the lines. So it's no wonder they're roaring for an imaginative new activity book that is monstrously fun...and just in time for writing spooky Halloween notes. ...

Monday 07 October

Chalk on the walls? Go ahead, kids!

White chalkboard paint ideas | Cool Mom PicksI really love the idea of chalkboard paint, but I'll be honest that I'm not a fan of dark walls, particularly in my house that's not well lit to begin with. But white chalkboard paint? I'm crushing hard. ...

Thursday 03 October

Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas from a pretty great source

Neon Pumpkins DIY from A Night Owl Blog | Cool Mom PicksWhen Michaels Crafts puts out a call for bloggers to create the coolest, craftiest pumpkin decorating ideas you know they're going to come back with something awesome. ...

Monday 30 September

Sew your own Grumpy Cat. Trust us, he'll hate it.

DIY Grumpy Cat | Cool Mom PicksEven if you don't have a sewing machine, you can totally sew your own Grumpy Cat plushie. And then pretend he hates you. And Mondays. And everything. ...

Sunday 29 September

10 birthday party craft ideas that can double as party favors

Make it Do Woodland Party | Cool Mom PicksI've noticed a cool trend that has many parents eliminating the traditional end-of-birthday party goodie bag filled with cheap trinkets, and instead opting to have the kids craft something themselves that they can take home later. Smart, right? ...

Saturday 28 September

3 adorable craft kits for tween girls

Pincushion craft kit for tweens | Cool Mom PicksIt can be hard to find quality, not-neon-and-rubber-bands craft kits for girls in the ten to twelve age range (not that we don't love Rainbow Looms!), but these three projects are sweeter than tea and crumpets. ...

Wednesday 25 September

How to make (or buy) the coolest Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns: The ultimate guide

rainbow loom bracelet tutorial guide | cool mom picksIf you haven't yet heard of the crazy success of Rainbow Loom Bracelets, you cannot be a parent. Or you are a parent, but for some reason, haven't noticed that every single kid on the planet seems to be wearing them up to their elbows these days. ...

Wednesday 25 September

Two cute animal crafts for kids that also benefit other kids.

Moomah Tea Collection panda craft | Cool Mom PicksWhen two of our favorite peeps get together to raise awareness of two of our favorite animals with fun, free DIY kids crafts, the results are four times the fun. ...

Tuesday 24 September

3 cool Halloween treat ideas for classrooms or Halloween parties.

halloween treat ideas: s'mores bag | cool mom picksI know I know, kids get so much candy on Halloween that sometimes it's fun to find treats and goodie bag ideas that don't involve candy at all. Instead of handing out plain ol' bags of candy, here are a few treat ideas for your classroom Halloween party that I really love. ...

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